As you may already have found, there are many companies offering battlefield tours, especially at the centenary of the Great War.  Our tours however are quite different.  Our tours allow you to reveal the hidden history of the battlefields at your own pace, at a time of your choosing, and for you and just you. We are also one of the very few fully registered UK battlefield tour companies who have been established for over 20 years and who specialise in the Great War (Western Front) and nothing else.  We are also the only self-drive tour company to have received so many national press awards and recommendations.

Our Self-Drive tour 'package' is just that.  It includes your hotel accommodation and Channel crossing (for UK travellers) and, most importantly of all, our unique Self-Drive battlefield guides, maps, plans, directions etc all dovetailed together by us, so all you have to do is just pack and go - we make it as simple as that!  

You may be unsure as to whether a self-drive tour is for you. Our best advice is to have a closer look at our many testimonials to see what people like you have said after they returned from a self-drive tour.

For those truly seeking to reveal the legacy of the Great War, nothing can beat the freedom of exploring the battlefields without the rigid timetable of a coach/minibus group dictating the pace.  How frustrating must it be to see the battlefields passing before your very own eyes without being able to stop wherever you want to stop, for however long you want to spend, exploring what you want to explore.  The freedom to explore the battlefields at your own pace is what I always wanted, and what today sets our tours apart.

If you intend visiting the battlefield you need to be well briefed. Many visitors just turn up thinking that all will be clear, which will certainly not be the case.  This is where our Self-Drive guide expertise comes in to play, expertise based on having personally conducted over 300 small-group battlefield tours over the past 20 years. Click the below link to see our guide itineraries and example pages:

Our guides are only available to those booking a tour with us and so not available from shops. It is this  essential combination of comparative 'then and now' maps, photos and narratives that have made our Self-Drive guides so appealing, especially to the independent traveller seeking to explore the past in greater detail.

And lastly. . .if you are thinking of booking a Self-Drive tour then please book as far in advance as possible as hotel rooms soon get booked and we can only offer those hotels we show on out ‘Hotel Options’ page.


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Travel when you want to travel for as long as you wish - just ‘pack and go’ - we do the rest!
You take your car and we arrange your hotel accommodation and Channel crossing (for UK travellers), as well as providing all the maps and
directions you’ll need.
  What lies at the heart of our tours are our acclaimed self-drive Somme and/or Ypres battlefield guides - your ‘window to the past’.  No other self-drive guides have so much detail and are so easy to follow!  Please read on. . .

A reminder of what our
Self-Drive tours comprise:

    And remember. . .

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