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The General Data Protection Regulations 2016/679

The General Data Protection Regulations, or ‘GDPR’ as more commonly known, come in to effect on 25 May 2018.  In accordance with these regulations we outline here what personal data we collect from you, how that data is secured and how any records we retain in respect of yourself may be accessed by you. For the purposes of the regulations we are a ‘controller’ of data, and NOT a ‘processor’ of data (because we do not share your data with anyone other than as outlined below in connection with booking your tour).  

What records we keep

If, and only if, you book a self-drive tour with us, we will make a record of your name, your address, your email address and phone number and, if we book a Channel crossing for you, the registration number of the vehicle you will be using  (we do not need details of your vehicle if you are making your own arrangements).  In the case of your name, address and vehicle registration number, these details are entered on to a single Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which is retained on just one single desktop computer which cannot be accessed by anyone other than the two directors of Somme Battlefield Tours Ltd (by way of a password). Neither your phone number or email address are entered on to our to computer database (a written record on a hand-written paper file only).  Incoming and outgoing emails are processed by British Telecom in accordance with their GDPR compliance procedures.

Please also note that we do not use any form of ‘cloud’ storage or sharing.  The personal details we keep are retained on just one computer, access to which is protected by the most up-to-date firewall, password and McAfee security.

Do we share your details with anyone?

The short answer is absolutely not, other than with your permission passing your name (and phone number if you agree) to the hotel we book for you, as well as Eurotunnel or P&O Ferries if booking you a Channel crossing.  Unlike some larger companies, we do NOT share your personal details with anyone for whatever purpose, or for whatever reason. It’s as simple as that!

If I pay by credit or debit card, will these details also be held on a computer?

Absolutely not. When paying by debit or credit card we do not record any details on our computer or any other electronic recording device/database.  The only record we do keep is a copy of the receipt produced by our card terminal, which is clipped to the paper record of your tour booking. A copy of the same receipt will be sent to you when we post your guide package.

To ensure maximum security when paying by either debit or credit card, we do not offer this facility as an on-line feature on our website.  All payments are therefore only taken by phone.

What is your policy on sending unsolicited emails?

Quite simple really. We will NEVER send emails to anyone unless they have emailed us first seeking further information about our tours.  We will never engage in the practice of sending out unsolicited emails promotional emails, not just because the regulation prohibit this most annoying practice, but because we hate it ourselves!

Can I have a copy of the record you retain on your database?

Yes. Once we have verified that you are the person in question we will be pleased to provide you with a screen-shot of your data. We remain vigilant to guard against any attempt to obtain your details by way of fraudulent representation, hence the verification question we will need to ask you before any personal details are released.

Does you website use cookies or any other form of tracking devices?

Most certainly NOT!  We built our website ourselves and so have complete control over its content.  That’s why we know for sure that our website is 100% ‘clean’ with no hidden trickery lurking behind what you see.

If you have any questions about how we record your data do please phone or email and we will be pleased to help in any way possible.

Thank you.

James Power

Owner and Managing Director of Somme Battlefield Tours Ltd.

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